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FESTIVALS and CLUBS get ready !!!
Want to have a jazzy Nick Cave with a small hint of Portishead
accompanied on cello, 12-string guitar and Indonesian gamelan in just one band?
Then please meet TRAVELLING TRIBES!

With erratic root in alternative rock and world music, the orchestra Travelling Tribes has made it self noticed as part of the psychedelic scene in Copenhagen, unafraid of mixing the musical color palette completely.
percussion, cello melodies sounding from abroad, synthesizers and impressionistic playing on the guitarare just some of the elements
that come along, when this daring collective goes on a journey over the continents and out in the corners of the provinces.

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"The songs can bulge of African percussion, rumble in furious noise, strum of exotic cello or be blown blue by jazzy brass. And every single one of the movements has idea, root and shape based around the enormous widths of music, that they encapsulate brilliantly."  (Ralf Christensen, Information, review of live Concert at Roskilde Festival 2013)

Formed in 2010 Travelling Tribes has proved to be an explorative and hard working collective of four good friends and music colleagues who keeps on creating new original music and performances together.
In November 2012 Travelling Tribes released their debut album 'Everything Seems to Change' on the record label ILK. It was well received by reviewers and the audience.
In 2013 the quartet won a Danish Music Award as the world composer of the year, with the song: Unheard Songs of Sorrow. The same year they played at the Roskilde Festival stage called Pavillion Junior and toured the rest of the country.
The quartet released their second album 'Artificial Moonlights' in November 2014, which among others was presented on the sampler of the internationally recognized music magazine The Wire. Since then Travelling Tribes have played concerts in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany. Travelling Tribes has been chosen to be one of the bands to take part in the Danish Vibes program supporting Danish situated orchestras to enter the German music scene.
Travelling Tribes are focusing on creating a new concept for their live concert where they create a kind of musical installation; this will develop further during 2016.
The members of Travelling Tribes are all active in the music scene of Copenhagen. Each one of them play with award nominated orchestras such as Valby Vokalgruppe, Girls in Airports and The White Nothing, and have worked with different musicians such as John Thicai, Trentemøller, Quadron, Nobody Beats The Beats and Soffie Viemose.

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OFFICIAL VIDEO: Snowflakes live
OFFICIAL VIDEO: Unheard Songs Of Sorrow

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Everything Seems To Change

summer 2016 & on request
Travelling party: 5

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