Soweto Soul pays tribute to the musical soul of the townships. In collaboration with different generations of South African artists the Dutch producer/guitarist Joep Pelt fuses music styles as Pennywhistle Jive, Hip-Hop, Mbaqanga and Kwaito. The result is a a dynamic show that will move the crowd!

The concept of Soweto Soul was formed when Joep first visited South Africa in 2010 to make a radio documentary about the local music culture. As Joep struck up collaborations with Hammond organist Black Moses Ngwenya of the Mbaqanga group Soul Brothers and the indigenous rapper Zulu Boy, it became clear that these musical dynasties were rarely in touch with each other. Also Joep found that many of the musicians who he considered to be legendary, such as the country's first electric bass player Joseph Makwela from the Makgona Tsohle Band or Penny Wistle virtuoso Lemmy Special were virtually forgotten and unemployed. As a result, valuable musical knowledge was lost in the current music scene that is dominated by the American hitparade.

Together with musicians from all corners of South Africa's musical landscape, Joep wrote and recorded a series of songs that bring together different musical worlds from the townships: a new sound built on tradition. The creative process was followed and filmed by the two young filmmakers Bart Verhoeven and Jesse Bom and rendered into a full length documentary that tells the story of South Africa's musical history with the Soweto Soul as a framework.