Quarter to Africa (Q2A) combines electric Oud grooves, Saxophone, trumpet, African percussion, guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer and vocals which leads to a unique funky AFRO ARAB sound and groove plus a show that will cause involuntary movement of the hips.

In the past few years, Quarter to Africa has performed across the world spreading their message while headlining many festivals and major events and collaborated with many top artists.

Started as a duo in 2014, Q2A has slowly grown into a versatile ensemble of top musicians. The band released its long awaited debut album The Layback in February 2017. Since then the songs were constantly played at major radio stations around the world and gained acclaim within the local and international music industry.

Into the creative process, Q2A weaves a philosophy built on three main principles: LOVE, UNITY & FRIENDSHIP.

The result is a unique sound, which sets a fertile ground for fluid movement between composition and improvisation, upbeat and downtempo, the complicated and the simple.