El Combo Batanga is formed by a group of musicians with an innate passion for Cuban traditional music.
All the Spanish members of this combo have been part of the development of a musical genre that was coined in the mid-90s under the name of 'Mestiza- je', a mixture of various musical genres that go from rock to flamenco and all thatís in between, like rumba or even hip-hop.

The influence exerted by Afro-Cuban music on soul music in New York in the 60's was an ingredient that worked as a catalyst for a musical genre that became known to the world as 'Boogaloo' ...
Names well known as Joe Cuba, Pete Rodriguez, Ray Barreto or Joe Bataan among others, were responsible for the soundtrack that came out of the streets of Spanish Harlem.
Left with a certain nostalgia of those torrid and greasy sounds that came out of the streets of New York and that apparently vanished into thin air except for those 45s that some DJs still spin on their sets, El Combo Batanga came out with their musical project which is undoubtedly called to continue the legacy of the golden years of this musical style.

It was in 2005 when all the members of the band got together to play in one of the most emblematic Latin music venues in the city of Madrid, where today they enjoy a great reputation in the local music scene. This Latin Combo has shown from its very beginnings an uncommon musical consistency and maturity only seen in much more veteran projects.
Together they form a powerful band that brings hope back to lovers of this musical genre and shows that it is still time to enjoy and unleash your hips to the rhythm of Boogaloo & Latin Soul.