Ba Cissoko, a Guinean griot, was tought the mastery of traditional music by his professor M' Bady Kouyaté. Welcomed in 1995 in Marseille to the Festival Nuits Métis, Ba grew rich of various meetings with Tamalalou, Ano Neko (ex Dobé Gnaoré), Orange Blossom, Ray Léma, Yvislan, Dubians...
In 1999, he launched his band. His musical approach, allying modernism and tradition, enabled him to perform for the biggest festivals and symbolic places of the world music all around the globe.
Three years later, "Sabolan", his first album, was acclaimed by international critics. This opus was followed by "Electric Griot Land" (2006 ), "Séno" ( 2009 ) and "Nimissa" ( 2012 ).

In 2016, Ba Cissoko is back with his new album "Djéli" drawing from a mature energy, fed by the indestructible motivation to modernize the Mandinka tradition in order to illustrate it better and even transgressing it to really honor the whole. The reinvented tradition is always at the heart of his creation, in which the Mandinka music meets afro-beat sounds and reggae tunes. Ba is a multi-instrumentalist, he plays Kora, but also N’goni - a stringed instrument commonly used in Western Africa – and the guitar, singing along in Malinké, Wolof, Pulaar and also in French.

Ba Cissoko’s music is a family story and Ba is always surrounded by cousins, relatives or friends of Conakry. Therefore, on this new album, he is accompanied by a quartet composed of his cousin Kourou Kouyaté playing bass, Alhassane Camara called „Dartagnan" (an amazing drummer and percussionist), Abdoulaye Kouyaté (a virtuoso of the mandingue guitar) and Karamoko Bangoura on kora.