The Alostmen feat. Stevo Atambire and Wanlov the Kubolor are a traditional acoustic band made up of 5 musicians from different Ghanaian ethnic groups. Alostmen comes from "a lost man", one who is always on the move.

Stevo Atambire (lead vocals) is a Frafra neo-griot and kologo (a two-stringed luth, ancestor of the banjo) master. His voice, music and messages have made him very popular among his people.

Wanlov the Kubolor is a popular rapper and singer of Akan and Balkan roots. He plays the koshkas ( pendulum maracas also known as asalato ), guitar and various wind instruments.

Joseph Ajusiwine is the youngest person playing the goje/duruna (a fiddle predating the violin by hundreds of years). He has a very
distinct voice and harmonizes his instrument with the dying art of throat singing and bird-like whistling.

Abednego Sowah Ako is a Ga master drummer from the coastal fishing town called La. Sowah plays the bass-like gome drum, kpanlogo, other percussions and sings Ga folk melodies.

Aminu Amadu is a dondo (talking drum) maestro of Nigerian/Ghanaian heritage. He can sound out any melody on his instrument and is a human metronome.

The Alostmen was put together by award-winning Mauritian artistic director Percy Yip Tong of Cyper Produktion who believes Kologo music is ready to beam its sound into the future.
The Alostmen are ready to pull you into their groovy world of energetic dance and pulsating melodies.