Luísa Maita, born on April 27, 1982 in the Bela Vista neighborhood of São Paulo, was exposed at a very young age to the greats of Brazilian samba, bossa nova and jazz. As with so many Brazilian artists before her, the rhythms and energy of samba provides an essential underpinning.

The 2010 release of her first solo album Lero-Lero brought Luísa wide critical acclaim at home and abroad. Lero-Lero appeared on many "best records of the year" lists in Brazil and beyond. In the USA, it reached first place in sales on Amazon and iTunes in the Latin Music category, and second place in the World Music category on Amazon.
In 2011, Luísa received the Brazilian equivalent of the GRAMMY for Best New Artist in 2011, performing a duet with Brazilian star Lenine at the awards ceremony.  

Luísa and her band have toured extensively since 2010, performing at major festivals, radio stations and concert venues across the globe, including Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Google Zeitgeist conference, Apple headquarters in Cupertino and more. She could be heard singing during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. Her distinctive voice has been featured in numerous high-profile Brazilian films and commercials.  

Her second album "Fio da Memória" was released in the fall of 2016. The album bridges sultry downtempo electronica and Brazilian popular music to boldly redefine not only Luísa's personal style, but also the soundscape of modern Brazil. "The record is about what Brazil is today aesthetically, in this electronic age," notes Luísa. The songs on Fio da Memória address themes of love, spirituality, heritage, and cultural history. Intense and sensual, with a warm, languid sound, the songs often have a dream-like quality that do not seem to follow a particular narrative logic yet are filled with poetic resonance.  
"It is a very subjective, personal and emotional record," according to Luísa.
"I tried not to limit myself to a certain musical style, and in this diversity there is unity. I wanted to revisit the Brazilian rhythms and other sounds that I have heard growing up from a contemporary, electronic and urban perspective."  
Fio da Memória confirmed Luísa's reputation as one of her country's most talented and innovative songwriters and provided a captivating platform for her distinctive and mesmerizing voice.